Sunday, January 04, 2004

Welcome to the new year.

Decent weekend for Rutgers B'ball played tough after first 10 minutes but lost at Georgetown... women had a great win on ESPN2 with #17 ranked Ohio State.

I have enjoyed our early Spring blast in NYC land but apparently it is dissapearing wicked quick.

One of Ed's favorite things is beer though ... I like many different types and am a pseudo - "Beer Snob" ... I say pseudo because I will still drink Bud?Rolling Rock/Rheingold etc if its $5 a pitcher and Guinness is $5 a pint ...

Who am I kidding .. beer is NOT $5 a pitcher in NYC ... you feel lucky if its $10/pitcher for Rheingold ( a regional lager) ... some places around here will charge you $17/pitcher or more for simply Yuengling ... I have a problem paying that much for a mass consumable.....

Lots of sports this weekend... I must say with Bowl Week and all ... I basically have no football watching left in me this weekend... Congratulations on the National Title -- USC!!!! ....

I will however watch the Eagles dominate next weekend as I am a Philly sports fan still.

Aaaaaah rants!


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