Monday, April 12, 2004

I hate feeling sick!!!

I hate being sick!!!

It was really nice going back to Princeton land this weekend for Easter.

Saturday had glorious weather and the air felt so fresh in Montgomery land. It was really nice to walk on the towpath and have a nice turkey to dig into.

I did hit a wall when shopping with Ninanna .. although it was nice to get some cartridges for my nintendo 64 (buy 2, get 1 free) and some shirts and socks from JcPenney as well as some panties, bras and shirts for "Ninanna" .....

I had a pretty mellow Sunday going to Washington Crossing UU church (although had great difficulty getting out of bed) and almost feel asleep during the sermon.. and then I took a nap when I got home for a couple hours while I did some laundry.

Got the chance to have my sister drive us uptown, thanks sis!!! Although she does not have the same musical choice as me. She also got to meet the kitty .... Hunter "Socks" Thompson and see the roof for a second although Ninanna forgot to point her south and show the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, etc. I had to stay by the car because sis had lots of stuff visible and i have been broken into before (also were too close to hydrant for my taste --- 3 paces when 5 ex. large paces much better) ...

Had a nice mellow night with Ninanna on Sunday seeing "Animal House" again on a VHS I had at home and just chilling.

Did not get called for a temping gig today (was not feeling great either) so I have slept and coughed a lot.

Considering going down to the Knitting Factory for a SGNY thing (still need to do stuff with you guys) but decided not great at standing today ... So did manage to shower and shave today and that made me feel quite a bit better.

In good news, taking some benadryl with the cold has made the redness around my wrist wound shrink considerably.

Going to bookcrossing meetup tomorrow at Starbucks at Park and 29th (n.w. side) at 7 pm and looking forward to that .... ...

Lets hope I feel better and Happy Easter everyone!!!