Friday, February 06, 2004

MMMM ... Monument Kisses

One of my fav. things is the "monument kiss" it is something that me and Lanna (my fiancee) started around the 2nd month of our relationship ... It works really well in NYC (especially in midtown) but could work in any city or could even be personal monuments ...

So when I see say the Flatiron or the Empire State Building I say "Monument Kiss" for a very nice smooch ... .... If I see more then one there is "Double Monument Kiss" etc which is even longer and deeper ...

One of the most special things about my relationship with Lanna is this monument kiss and of course any excuse to kiss is good .... One of the best spots I know for the monument kiss is Mad Square Park at 24th between 5th and Broadway (road triangle) there you can see the Metlife, Flatiron and Empire State Buildings ... A Triple Monument Kiss ... YAY!!! ...

and congratulations again to everyone who is on ... Check out the submissions some are really good ... be good y'all and monument kiss, monument kiss, monument kiss ... YATYYYYY!!! ./..... ecq

Monday, February 02, 2004

Trying to be blogger for Suicide Girls

Member Name: hellomrworld
full name: Edmund Davis or Edmund Charles Davis(-Quinn planning to add after wedding)
29 ... Uptown Manhattan, NYC ... Currently unemployed

Favorite News Sites and Blog: I get NYPost most days, NYTimes some ... as far as news websites ... obvious like,,, .... I also often read the Moscow Times ( ) ,, the Guardian ( ) ... and many other sites ....

Some experience I have writing is obviously at University (Rutgers BA- Political Science, Minor History and an MBA in Strategic Management at the Drucker School in Claremont, CA) ... I also wrote a little for the Livingston Medium at Rutgers, and had a piece published with the Hollywood Stock Exchange ( a while ago ... My experience is honestly limited .. I have just started blogging a little...


One of the big stories to come out recently which I heard on the "fake news" of the Daily Show is that some in the Bush Adminstration are admitting they will never find evidence of Mass Destruction ... although this is a huge issue stateside in England it threatens Labor's situation in Parliment as even 10 Downing Street (the Prime Minister) is admitting there is serious problems .. (,12956,1137113,00.html ) .... and they also worry about this situation hurting the "War on Terror" (,12956,1137270,00.html )

In Moscow there is an entirely different situation unfolding as the US tries to convince the Russians to stop proliferations of WMD dealing with possible weapons deals between Russia and Iran ( ) ....

Meanwhile back in the US "Bush Unveils $2.4 Trillion Fiscal 2005 Budget
$521 Billion Deficit Projected" according to the Washington Post with even more money spent on the security establishment ..... ... So it goes ... ecq

Thank you for your interest .. I hope the links work well.

Edmund Charles Davis-Quinn

p.s. I would be curious what permissions are required when you link to other websites on a big site like Suicide Girls.

..... Its pretty ranty but could be a good chance to blog and write ... It would be nice if I get it ...

I also got a chance to see Blues legend Bobby "Blue" Bland last night ... I actually forgot about the Super Bowl for a second (actually am a football fan -- Philadelphia Eagles) ... and because I went to see Blues/Rock legend Bobby "Blue" Bland at BB Kings in Midtown of course it was a great game .... But being able to relieve the first date with my girlfriend (at Brooklyn Academy of Music with Cody ChestnuTT) was worth missing most of some silly game ... I got to see the best part of the game anyway ... ecq

Well there is a collection of some Edisms today ... ecq