Thursday, January 08, 2004

Rutgers played very close

It was a big treat to go to the Rutgers Athletic Centre and see RU vs. #1 UCONN ... although the scarlet knights lost 75-74 to be in a packed house with 8,044 fans was wicked fun. I need to see more games ....

I would also love to Rutgers play as well on the road .. on a neutral site Conn wins by 10-15 at Gampel prob. by 20+ ...
If Rutgers can play this well on the road they are a borderline NCAA team... More then likely though this Scarlet Knights Squad is NIT bound.

RU does have a huge matchup versus Providence (#25) this weekend ... It might be even tougher then UCONN following Providence's last second loss to Texas ... If Rutgers can win though they would be 1-2 in conference with a relatively easy game vs. Monmouth coming up.

I hope everyone is enjoying their year so far. I did see "In America" on Tuesday and its quite good ***1/2 ... The acting was terrific especially from the kids and its a very nice tearjerker kind of film .... I actually liked "The Last Samurai" and "Big Fish" much better. This despite Samurai's very middling reviews ... I found it a fun Samurai epic actually far better then "Dances With Wolves" ... I would give Samurai ****

"Big Fish" is simply marvelous... It is a story of "Fish tales", Tall tales by a larger then life southern story teller and his on not knowing the truth but hearing only the stories .. A brillant picture incredibly well acted by Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, etc.... I recommend it very highly ****1/2 ... the only movies I have liked better this year (2003 releases) are American Splendor and Lord of the Rings which are both ***** movies in my mind.

b good and stay warm ... ecq

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