Friday, November 18, 2005

42,000 words

42,000 words

I got another 1,300 words in this morning.

The book is going very well.
I also find that I find other writing easier. I am becoming a blogging fool.

I am also applying to work as a reading specialist/ed tech III in South Portland, ME school district.

I think it would be great to work with first graders and improve their reading.Wish me luck.

edmund davis-quinn

Thursday, November 17, 2005

40,589 words!!!

Wow 40,000 words!!!
Wow officially at 40,000+ ...

Already did 2,000 words today . I could fill in a lot of sex scenes too ....

40,589... And still 13 more days!!!
Its amazing to think I have only 9,481 left ...

And I will probably do another 10,000+ after that :))


This feels really good, there is a lot of tenderness between Mathilda and Timothy.

It is starting to feel a lot like my wife and me.Its nice to have them just massaging each other.

Tenderness is such a lovely thing.I am really liking my book and have ideas for others.

I really can't believe how much fun I am having!!

And under 10,000 to go (plus likely to write 10,000 after that)..

edmund davis-quinn

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Whats the weather like today .. today is subby

Well the book is going very ... very well ..

I am up to 37,000 words .. the 50,000 word goal of NanoWrimo is getting quite close.

I also got called to sub today ... yay!!!

Quite frustrated about the $125 excise tax on my car in Maine .. they base it on the original price of your car .. my car might have started at 32,000 but its 22 years old .. my merc 300D 84 is probably worth around 2,000-3,000 now especially with a little bit of body damage and chipped paint .. this makes the tax like 5% of my car's value ...>GRRRRRR

I have three blogs to mention...

My book blog ...

Has some excerpts as does this journal in blog format
also started ...

My travels in beer land and various reviews of beer ... 1st entry some fun at the Great Lost Bear in Maine .. If your curious most of the beers were 4 oz samples ... except for the Allagash Curieux which was an 8 oz beer with like 13% alcohol (most beers are around 5% or so)
And my main home page ...

which you are at right now ....

Have a nice day y'all ...

edmund davis-quinn

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Royalty showed up in my book

Wow Royalty Showed Up

Somehow when I was typing today at Sam's Club of all places, royalty showed up.
It turns out that my character's current love interest as an ex-husband who is Sir Edmund Fitzgerald, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Evidently the press still follow Mathilda around and are curious what she is up to.

It looks like Timothy and Mathilda are going to be on the cover of the Sun and The Mirror tomorrow in my book.

I also have almost 2,000 words today to bring the total official wordcount to 32,855

I will update things as they progress.I am having quite a history for Mathilda as well.

I guess she is going to be a BIG part of the story.

Excerpts will come later.

ed davis-quinn