Monday, December 29, 2003

Hello everyone.

I hope y'all had a great holiday season.

Just got back from Maine today ...

I was really worried at about 4:00 pm today when I was still in S. Me but I got to NYC at around 10:30 nonetheless.

Of course when I was parking the car later a little worried when had a almost 2 car size parking space ... For you non new yorkers ... the parking police here are insane and if something looks to good to be true you are almost always worried that it is.

If you all are curious here is some Holiday Haul..... Family Guy Season 3(need seasons 1 and 2), Taxi Driver, a book on the where the Beats hung out in NYC, my gf got me Simpsons Season 3, and Futurama Season2 (gf brother got me $50 gc at Best Buy .. would have bought stuff on Friday but line was insanely long (about 35 mins) ...

Had a good day today ... was actually not tired on the Merritt Parkway which was bonus ... Also stopped by NH Liquor Store(low low state taxes make money by sales of potables not Taxes) got some good harsh Aalborg Akvavit, Myers Rum, Brandy, Port, some wine and such ...

For you kitty fans Hunter "Socks" Thompson website should be updated soon
[URL=]Hunter "Socks" Thompson[/URL] my girlfriends types those though so I can't guarantee a time.

So I hope you all had a great holiday and have a most happy new year, be safe, be happy and meet new crazy people, there is certainly not a shortage ... ecq