Saturday, April 02, 2005

New Dell

I just purchased a new shiny Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop ... oooohhhh!!!

Its nice to have my own computer now. With luck I will be using it for a teacher certification program next year.

Laptops rock!!

Also got the Final Four tonight. Although I have UNC and Illinois in my final (as does 90%+ of America) ... I would love to see Mich St and Louisville make it.

Rented two movies this week Grass and Garfield... One I recommend highly and one I thought had incredibly bad CGI.

Grass was excellent **** ... This documentary about the history of the anti-marijuana movement in the US was superb. There were many things I did not know about .. .such as the fact that 10 states decriminalized possession in the 1970s and President Carter had a bill in Congress to decriminalize less then an ounce of pot. Then unfortunately Reagan and the conservatives took over and said Drugs are bad.

An excellent movie, whether you are in the NORML crowd or just like documentaries and history.

Garfield was quite lame **. If we are just talking about the CGI cat 1/2*. This may well be one of the most jarring CGI jobs ever. What is really silly about it is all of the other dogs and cats in the picture, including Odie, are life and blood animals. It probably also increased the budget for this movie a lot. If you feel the desperate need to see it, I wouldn't stop you, but my wife wanted to stop halfway through it, and I rented it for her. Breckin Meyer and Jennifer Love Hewitt were cute in this picture but I can't recommend it because of the horrific Garfield, and the bad writing, .....

Enjoy you April you fools... the snow is getting washed away with 3 inches of rain this weekend in Maine. Welcome to mud season!!!


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