Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Why Portland, ME is better then NYC

Lets see.

1) parking, having the chance to have a car without a second rent and parking tickets.

2) there is still theatre, museums, comedy clubs, good rest and on average MUCH better bars then NYC ... better prices, more down to earth, better average music, much mellower.

3) Just less ... no crazy begging on subway ... no clothing shop across the street banging music (or mexicans downstairs) ... no drug deals and craps on the front step .. no worry about getting on the subway

4) Supermarkets ... C-town really, really, really sucks .. if you haven't lived in the 'hood you cant understand the smell of salmonella chicken (seems like they dont wash it) brown fruit and veggies and brown meat ... we were in shock when we first went to Hannaford and Shaws ... whats expired at Shaws is just starting its run at c-town .... I cant overestimate this ....

5) Livability/Space .... We have a full 2 bedrooom apartment in Westbrook with plowed parking spaces a cool landlord and our own bathroom and kitchen (thank god) for only a little more then our room in a railroad apt in Harlem Heights, Manhattan

6) Jobs ... Lanna made good money in NYC, but I wasn't accomplishing much. Its nice working almost everyday as a sub and going to get fully certified (traditional) most likely next year at the University of Southern Maine

7) Comedy ... Although my wife moved to NYC for acting ... She has an improv troupe she is performing with at the Comedy Connection in Portland (a better club then any place in NYC .. although I do love UCB as a improv space) and an acting troupe she has worked with in the past.

Getting close to having a home here with my wife of 9 months ... its great :)

Edmund Charles Davis-Quinn

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