Saturday, March 05, 2005

Project Runway/Ray Redux

Watching the project runway finale finally on DVR. I already watched the fashion show in the last 40 minutes the next day.

Watching the last show you get to like Wendy Pepper much, much better. I actually liked her clothes the best.

Kara Saun comes out very poorly, with her shoe steward, and silent treatment with Wendy. Also by lying by saying the shoes cost $15/each.

I always liked Jay. I do think his clothes are way afield on my tastes, but i guess there is genius there.

If you didn't know this a couple weeks ago, of course you probably were not a huge fan of the show.

I have a column about Ray Redux and Apocolypse Now Redux, and that sometimes added scenes, slow down the flow of a movie.... Both of these added versions, have very interesting scenes, but both really disconnect the flow of the movie.

I really think the French scene in Apocolypse is very good, but it slows down the movie a lot. The strangest thing about Apocolypse Now is that I liked the TV version (shortened and edited) the best. The original version on screen (saw it in class at college) seemed like a bunch of huge music pieces in order, and the Redux is very interesting but runs very slow.

In Ray, a gem of a performance by Ray Charles has extra scenes in the DVD. Many of the scenes are brilliant, but they are poorly edited in ... If you rent/buy the Ray DVD, see the original version first and then see the added scenes.

Have a brilliant March, Spring is soon although you wouldn't know it in Maine. Learned Meteorological Spring (March-May) is already here :))

Edmund Charles Davis-Quinn

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