Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Conflux Sunday

So today is super bowl sunday ... Honestly this year .. meh ... Yep the Cardinals are a great cinderella story, but my fearless prediction is this is the WORST rated Super Bowl ever ... 31-17 Steelers.

And of course would care far more if the Eagles were playing . .but what I really care about today is Conflux.

What is Conflux you may ask .. its the 2nd part of the Shards of Alara block and going to a prerelease today ... I play Magic: The Gathering and have been interested in it since last Spring (although I did buy some Ice Age packs and decks early on.) ...

So I am getting 2 tournament decks one of Shards and one of Conflux (equivalent of 3 boosters each) ... But mainly today is all about geeking out.

Speaking of my geekiness .. I reread something on the last 3 days which I haven't read since I was a kid - 8-12? maybe ... "Around the World in 80 Days" by Jules Verne ... **** ... Just a pure joy of a book, forgot how much pure joy and fun was in the book. The quiet, whist-loving Fogg, the crazy servant, the lovely Indian woman and the crazy detective Fix .. Don't forget that you gain a day going east around the world.

Had a good reading week actually finishing 3 books on the Kindle... Also read "God's Harvard: A Christian College on a Mission to Save America" by Hanna Roisn and "In Defense of Food" by Micheal Pollan .. both are non-fiction and fascinating...

I also had read both of these books for some time ... Enjoy both of them quite a bit and both are really, really different.

In Defense of Food ... is Michael Pollan's follow-up to Omnivore's Dilemma (which I haven't finished yet) ... basically against imitation foods and what he labels "nutritionism" that nutritionists keep looking for one thing for health. Interesting book against corn syrup, and strange ingredients and in favor of whole foods. Part of his argument is that you should eat whole foods, and that food cultures(ie Italy, France, Greece, India, China, etc.) ie the foods of mom provide far better health then the Western diet .. Interesting and a good read ***

God's Harvard was completely fascinating to me. Especially as I am on the opposite end of the spectrum from homeschooled fundamentalists as a Unitarian Universalist. This school is designed to make "god's warriors" to change America to a more "Christian" place. Many of the students who go here go onto work in DC and are true believers for GW Bush and many of the members of the Christian right in politics. It also amazes me how restrictive the school is the 2000s, high level of in-local parentis. Glad I have a liberal religious experience and the freedom to choose and believe. Most fascinating if come from an opposite experience .. ***1/2.

Cheers and happy February.


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