Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Sundays are always a great day for me.

Its the day I can unwind and just take time for myself and nest.

I often call it my "drool" day .. where the most important thing I do all day is drool while watching TV and having a beer.

But that is not really true.

Today is a day to recharge.

Especially on a snowy January in Maine where it looks like 4-6 inches of snow have fallen already.

There is something great at waking up at noon... Having a shower ... making yourself some eggs (also the salsa in the scramble today just ended up messy) .. listening to some Prairie Home Companion .. and today blogging.

Looking forward to the game of the birds .. two teams with mediocre regular season records the Cardinals and the Eagles ... and even a third bird team in the Ravens in the AFC .. I guess a good chance for birds to go south (to the Super Bowl) ... The Eagles were a 5-5-1 team that won 4 of their last 5 in the regular season .. and needed the Bucs to collapse from 9-4 to 9-7 and either the Bears or Vikings to lose before the destroyed the Cowboys.

The Cardinals clinched the NFC West early and drifted down to 8-8 with some ugly losses to the Eagles and Patriots among others.

Of course, I am an Eagles fan and looking forward to this game greatly .. honestly hoping the Eagles can win it all this year . but too superstitious to pick the Eagles this week (picked the Vikings, and Giants in playoffs already -- Seems like picking against the Eagles has worked).

Then you have the Steelers and Ravens. I think this will be a game of defense and turnovers .. team that makes the least mistakes wins ... Strangely I think that is the Ravens say 21-17

As far as the Eagles-Cards game ... I think the 1st quarter will be very important if Warner, Fitzgerald and Bolden get hot early, it could be a day for Arizona. If Philly's defense makes some big stops and interceptions looks good for Eagles. Since picking against the Eagles has worked well so far picking Cardinals 24-21.

Also really happy to see the end of the Bush era in almost exactly 48 hours from now. Obama is entering a difficult recession and a time of dwindling employment. We desperately need national health care in this country, and need once again to be respected on the world stage.

Have a great Sunday.


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