Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Wrote some poems .. tell me what you think ...

Saw the absolutely brillina Hiryo Mirayaki film (sp.) ... Howl's Moving Castle ****1/2 .. It was lyrical, beautiful and awesome ...

I would also HIGHLY recommend that you watch his movies in Japanese (with subtitles) with the original actors .. Disney has gotten big name actors for the roles, but I much before Miyake directing them...

I liked it more then Princess Mononoke ****, but probably not quite as much as the amazing Spirited Away ***** ....

Haven't seed My Friend Totaro yet and some others .. love his films thoug ...

Also wrote some poems ....

SPOILERS! (Click to view)

May 1st poems


Time goes slowly

Tick, dribble

Just waiting

Shift 5 hours to go

Nothing to sell

No one to talk to

Not allowed to read …



Glorious Beach

Filled W/ Dogs

Sun, Surf, Walking

Cairning, Stacking Rocks

Lovely Sunday,

Contemplative, Restful


Surf Crashing

Tell the story of ages

Worn by the sea

Low tide, high tide
Spring and Fall

For millennia they linger

What stories could they tell

As we wander towards the vast ocean

and this one is my favorite so far ...

Wasted Day

Standing around
Hoping to chat with ..someone

Job says I sell commission vacs …

All I really do is stand

Sometimes I sell, usually I waste time

Vacs and stuff
I sell things that suck

Sometimes they work,
Sometimes they don’t suck and come back

Got the vac salesman blues

And my feets are aching

The time doth go so slow

Waiting til 9, then home I go …

Edmund 5/1/2006 …

I also wrote these two last night and today ...


I'm a SUCKER for my cat

When he meows
.... I move

What does .. he .. want ..

Some food ...

No treats
.. Kitty Treats ...

Meowing at the man ...
.. Meowing at the drawer ..

Time for treats
...... GIMME MORE!!! ... (typed with Hunter on my lap)

and one at the vac store


... goes


2 hours to go


Why am I here ...
.... Where oh where do I go ...


In other news sold 2 mattresses with a $400 commission right after I wrote the last one ...

Blessed be ..

Happy May day and Mid-Spring...


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~lannalee~ said...

cute! I like the kitty treat one! And the one about selling things that suck!