Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Royalty showed up in my book

Wow Royalty Showed Up

Somehow when I was typing today at Sam's Club of all places, royalty showed up.
It turns out that my character's current love interest as an ex-husband who is Sir Edmund Fitzgerald, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Evidently the press still follow Mathilda around and are curious what she is up to.

It looks like Timothy and Mathilda are going to be on the cover of the Sun and The Mirror tomorrow in my book.

I also have almost 2,000 words today to bring the total official wordcount to 32,855

I will update things as they progress.I am having quite a history for Mathilda as well.

I guess she is going to be a BIG part of the story.

Excerpts will come later.

ed davis-quinn

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