Sunday, March 21, 2004

Eternal Sunshine ....

Still didn't see every second I wanted of games but ....its like $100/year for ESPN GamePlan over and above the insanely high digital cable and internet bill like $150/month .... I love the DVR and stuff but it makes you want to watch even more things.

And even better when I wasn't glued to basketball actually saw the great play "Bridge and Tunnel" a one-woman show by the amazing Sarah Jones and the great movie "Eternal Sunshine" .. see both as soon as you can!

But CBS is only one channel in NYC so you can only pick one game sucks when you are stuck watching the game that doesn't interest you.

My Pattys day was pretty cool actually went to the Bowery Poetry Club and saw one my felllow level 1 improv people, Jedidah Clarke do some of his plays....

I also got tickets to see the stupendous one-woman show "Bridge and Tunnel" .. which I saw on Friday and was unbelievably good.

Just saw "Enternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" which was also mindnumbingly brilliant (****1/2) .. Maybe I should just make this a new post entriely...

So see "Bridge and Tunnel" down at 45 Bleeker before it goes to broadway and catch another amazing Jim Carrey performance in the Kaufman scribed "Eternal Sunshine"..

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