Sunday, May 22, 2005

A difficult week ... Saw some great movies though.

have had too much death around me last week.

My aunt Louise died at 62 ..... Her situation is tragic and she was relatively healthy except for cancer.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts.

I have something else I want to say.

My aunt had her vagina removed for vaginal cancer, but didn't have chemotherapy because she didn't have health insurance.

2 years later she had a relapse and there was metasized cancer over much of her body including her lungs ... She died about 6 months later...

Health Care needs to change in this country!!!!


There was also a Senior at Westbrook HS (Maine) that died Thursday Night/Friday Morning and would have been graduating in a couple of weeks. It is always a great tragedy when someone dies at only 17.

In a totally different strain I have seen 3 very good movies this week.

Just wanted to say hi .. just saw Star Wars III today ***1/2 which is the best of the new trilogy by far and may be better than "Return of the Jedi" ... There still was some very bad writing and digital backgrounds that look to pretty for their own good ... I do have a big problem with how Anakin goes to the Dark Side though ... Would be very willing to talk more.

Saw the absolutely brilliant "My Architect" on Thursday ****1/2 .... A devastating documentary about a bastard child whose father was Louis A Kahn, considered one of the great architects of the 20th Century ... Really Really good ... This one made me cry and still affects me now.

Just saw "Primer" and watching the director's commentary right now ... This is a headtrip of a movie and very interesting ... I would definitely recommend using the subtitles with it .. .One of the most interesting Science Fiction Debut since Aronfosky's "Pi" .... ****

Off to the Berkshires for a festival all next week. Will be nice to disconnect ... Definitely want to burn some death tokens for my grandmother, aunt and the HS student I didn't know all that well ... We must never forget the dead and recognize their importance ..... This is something I disagree with Yoda entirely about.

Edmund Charles Davis-Quinn

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