Sunday, February 13, 2005

Finally feel like I have a home again

Finally feel like I have found a home for the first time since I was in Claremont 31/2 years ago.

What an absolutely glorious feeling.

Really enjoying Westbrook/Portland, Maine so far. Its really lovely here and its nice to be able to drive to things again.

New York can be really wonderful. But there is so much constantly going on that its like a radio with constant loud static. Must say that I also like how much quieter it is here then in New York City/Harlem Heights ... I also dont miss the mexicans downstairs blasting music right under our bed.

Being out of a railroad apartment (one long hallway with many rooms with shared bath and kitchen) is also great. The dishes are ours, the cubbards are ours, the refrigirator is all our stuff and most importantly the bathroom is just us 2 not 8.

I am very lucky also to have such a wonderful wife .... She makes everything in my life better.

Happy Valentine's Day .. dont take it all too seriously. Edmund Davis

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