Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Hey everybody!

Not been temping at all the last week which sucks ... makes it harder to tread water on the Ocean of debt.

Had a really fun Sunday though.

Went to the Shad Fest/Festival of Drums at Inwood Hill Park on the Northern Tip of Manhattan(3 blocks east of broadway on 218th street) .... really great festival with a pow-wow, steel drums, indian frybread ...

Also went to a pagan celebration of Beltane at the Great Hill of Central Park and had an outrageously good dinner with friends on the Upper East Side.

Was amazed that on 10 pm on a Sunday went right on to a M86 bus and was at the subway on Broadway(1/9) within 10-15 minutes ... need to use that line more often.

Tempted to go down to Atlantic City too ... trying to figure out how to wiggle on a cheap hotel room too ... maybe should rent a car down there and stay a little away from the casinos.

Still need to see "Mean Girls" soon and see if its any good. The wedding is now officially less then 2 months away (3 July 2004) .....

Enjoy the Spring!

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